De vita excellentium imperatorum

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aeo THR IRET RDITIO N. CORNELIus NEPos id more than avsther Roman writer, mitello habui into the hand of Mys, si have made suffcient pro reaci beatilo in read a Roman author in courae. The simplicit and classicalchstracter of his style the separate lives, ulmos interest, andio longeriough in mea s in extent of histo , of Whichaesive a pleMing Duiline, v presentin a in a galler thos illustrious men hodiroete in fortunes, antiquitu the genera purit of the moraletondencum his writings and the favorabie mora influenco,hichal-ars senows iram in true histor of great men, re circumstancea-hic suffcienti explain Whyrae tu so universali adopte in the Euro an schoois, anxia egintancto bo introduce in s mannor

The adle and language of Nepos are more simple than thos orany the Latin author extant so much so, indoed that nothing Aenia tone mantin butis hori introducto book, embodyin and illustratine in principies of in orammar. Rutis it Wouldae diff-euit, is no impossibie, to compile suci a mor Dureb hom classicalsovrces, it is destrahi that it houldne mali laesit is boliavod that an essentiat disservice a Men done in pupils by oonfining them solong in the early par of their career, o books calle Latin indeed, but,hoae language, should i meet in ear of a Romaen, movi bepronouncedri have litue cliam to that titie. The objeci, theresere, in pro ring the notes to thia edition has been to bring th book asnoacto in Gramm- ac Mibis, an by constant resereno thereis,to Mach in pupi that that a ius hecto in underatandine of the

Latin classica universialy. Inoonsiderable as many question in grammarba appeat, et, for thos Who are ignorant of them, there is no uocurate knowlehe of the ancient lansuages and consequenti no intimate acquaintancomit in spirit of the ancient,ritera The meaning of individual. morda must alione caretali explained, and the minet aughtrio dim criminate the nice hades of signification and the worus used is



expres them Thia ea best e done in prose. It is an evit Mocommon amons ua, to leae bus Et an early perio in the stud orthe poeta an to ut Virgil into the aias of thos Who cannot readit expiata an eas prose Writer. NON, though in generat stylae of Virgil is plain an ius narration interesting, stili e rennot bae Propem underat d excepi by one Iready practiae in the lam mage, an mel accustome in mar peculiarisaes of mords anxitas an actis iniustice to the oun scholar, to ut into his an poema a fulltat in highest beauties oriri besere heri exerciae inuti that is requisite in ordor in intereret them to advanis . It iasi thia reason among thera that tria o metiri rea Nepos inachoias Aner his it is no dissicultri si mriter suile to a comtinuando os methodica instruetion and Caeaar, rara, Cicero and Sallust o Calch variet os prose, much of mhic ahould e reia, b ore Virgil eanae attempte mittar a delight anxiavantage. An Inde hac en added, for the pumose of facilitatin thae historica and geographica intelligence of the texi, and the momatrones in interest the pupil in the stud of the ancient classica. The textris ahen sto the edition VI. H. Bremi a Germaneditor, ho gives Cas that of Van Semeren an no alteratio have been attempted except to mine the orthograph conformis the dictionaries in common us in his count , an to distim ish, as is customa , the ablatives of the rat deciension, and certain conjunctiona an adverba. The paragrapha quote above, Me t en homolio pressio in nformer edition of this morti v r. Bancrost sor,hic the correctanes of the sentimenta is a sumcient apolo'.